John Walt
John Walt is a multi medium storyteller, designer, strategist and filmmaker.
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Superfeet has been making some of the best insoles in the world for over 40 years. For their 40th anniversary they wanted to launch a new brand film that focussed on more than their products. Alongside great insoles Superfeet is known as one of the best places to work in the outdoor industry. They have worked for years to build a strong company culture where every person matters, leading to their recent transition to being an entirely employee owned company. They know that a great company culture is about more than just office life, its also about how you impact the world outside the office. Superfeet wanted to have a brand film that reflected the values they stand for and live out everyday. Through Make Unity, John worked with Superfeet to design and produce a new kind of brand film.

The strategy was simple - focus on the people behind the brand.